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Started off meh but it picked up (spoilers) (Archived)casedawgz511/26/2012
Map Achieve Boosting (Archived)Rirrom511/25/2012
This Game Felt Far Too Busy (Archived)StrykeBlayde311/21/2012
Two more questions... (Archived)The-Mutant811/16/2012
Placing Assassin in a City / Manage Assassin in Claimed City - What for? (Archived)D_A_Kuja411/16/2012
Some of these stipulations to get 100% synch are a pain in the ass (Archived)DelDante511/15/2012
UPlay Passport (Archived)EpicElf111/14/2012
Is the online server for this game still up? (Archived)Bronx_Bomber311/14/2012
Can somebody please help? (Archived)gunblade245211/12/2012
Boosting for Mediterranean Achievements (Archived)EasygoingBird511/8/2012
free turkish armor from gamespot not showing up. (Archived)melvin1311/7/2012
Achievement boosting (Archived)Rahxepheon411/6/2012
I don't like the Sophia chick in this game for story purposes *spoilers* (Archived)
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So what happened to the Armor of Brutus? (Archived)Luminaire511/4/2012
OMG the intro to this game...I honestly thought it was real people (Archived)HHH is the game411/4/2012
god I hate the Multiplayer in this game. (Archived)ShinRaKnight110/30/2012
Assassin recruits that don't have hidden blade (Archived)iamgeneus110/30/2012
Any way to return an assasin that you've sent off to guard a city? (Archived)wolfwing210/30/2012
Assassin's Creed Revelations/3 Theories on Door?(Spoiler) (Archived)Blare145210/29/2012
LOL @ Desmond with Ezio's voice (Archived)NS_RegentPark110/29/2012
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