One horrible fact about this game is that...

#1Uber_H0lyFlar3Posted 12/19/2011 9:50:00 AM(edited)
It probably won't see English translations...
Just maybe. I always expect the worse when it comes to obscure localizations.
Then again, seeing how just about all Tri-Ace games gets the overseas treatment, things would seem for the better.

Maybe all the Bamco bumfest got to me when it comes to translating stuff, so much to the point where I would even consider this game to be untranslated.
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#2Aussie2BPosted 12/19/2011 12:33:20 PM
I wouldn't go off of tri-Ace's past history with localization for this game. This (and their other current handheld project) is the first time they've worked with Konami. There's no knowing what Konami of America would or wouldn't do with these games, and there's no knowing if they'd allow another publisher to localize them.

It doesn't matter too much to me, though. The PSP is region-free, so in lieu of an English version, I'll just import. I'd prefer an English version since I know next to no Japanese, but what can ya do. It didn't stop me from completely loving the first Star Ocean, Star Ocean: Blue Sphere, the original release of Star Ocean 3, and all of the other tri-Ace games I imported.
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#3OmegaDL50Posted 12/21/2011 7:49:29 AM
Might be interesting to know that majority of the Konami staff assisting tri-Ace on Frontier Gate consist of former members of the Suikoden development staff.

So even if the game has the tri-Ace sensibilities of an action based combat system, item creation, and the typical music by Motoi Sakuraba, if it has any Suikoden-like qualities to it, that would be interesting, even though tri-Ace is the primary developer.
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#4SandylecuistotPosted 12/26/2011 7:34:28 AM
The typical sakuraba music ?
You probably didn't play the demo or anything...
#5OmegaDL50Posted 12/27/2011 2:18:27 PM
No I don't bother with demos or imports. Nor did I ever say in my post I played the game, but I was in fact generalizing based on previous work that tri-Ace developed.

If you took out of my post that I said I played the game, that was your assumption.
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#6SandylecuistotPosted 12/27/2011 4:34:40 PM
No I was not. Nothing mean about what I was saying.
It was a way to tell you how the musics didn't sound like Sakuraba at all.

In fact the game also as the suikoden feeling in the musics.
#7OmegaDL50Posted 12/27/2011 9:48:16 PM
Upon further research, you are spot on about the Suikoden feeling in the music, because one of the composer's is Naoyuki Sato, who did some of the work on the Suikoden V soundtrack.

The game looks very interesting, it's just unfortunate that with the impending release of the Vita it could potentially hurt the chances for Frontier Gate getting a US release.

Well I don't want to be a downer but I figure it's something nice to look forward to.
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#8SandylecuistotPosted 12/28/2011 3:56:10 AM
It seems the vita release could hurt quite a lot of excellent release.
I think about the Legend of Heroes series for exemple...

Let's hope it won't.

And sorry for my weird way of writing.