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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Topic (Sticky)
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How is this game?UltimateNerd49/29 1:15PM
Growlanser Heritage Of War is now on the PS store.
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181stCommander1649/29 1:13PM
Worth playing Growlanser VSovapex69/27 2:25AM
Intelligence Up Spellstone bug? (Archived)BobMcMelon19/10 12:05AM
Are all the growlanser games so frustratingly stupid? (Archived)Davjat88/14 9:37PM
*spoilers* Gameplay Q. stone abilities & location of 1 (Archived)Allen Tax17/31 1:47PM
Do familiar costumes carry to New Game+? (Archived)Firethingy16/1 9:47PM
Help on how stats work, where I went wrong? (Archived)vizzer35/31 8:34PM
My experience with final boss/final form... (Archived)vipermaestro94/20 10:04PM
lol, the return (Archived)metlspaz424/10 7:38AM
Free Battles? (Archived)Vector-Armando34/1 8:39AM
will it play on a PSTV? (Archived)djmdjmdjm23/18 1:40PM
Most difficult mission in the game? And most annoying? Tips for them. (Archived)OiramX543/16 6:45AM
Titan Glitch? (Archived)firegod6932/10 11:39PM
I think Atlus should've released Growlanser V and VI together (Archived)fatherpein51/13 10:51AM
Bugged Spellstone? (Archived)aduroOsir31/1 10:17PM
Reward for 100% endings seen? (Archived)aduroOsir21/1 5:31PM
ATTN: Growlanser 3 vets (Archived)Cinerary111/15 11:35AM
Ok what did you liked best in all of the Growlanser Games? (Archived)
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fatherpein1211/14 10:48AM
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