Maggi Ending

#1333KaixaPosted 10/11/2011 1:31:18 AM
Anyone knows the actual conditions for Maggie's ending?
#2Yandy_KusanagiPosted 10/11/2011 10:09:55 AM
-Vacation: Talk to her in her lab (by entering the lab will also triggers the
Side Quest for your Familiar D-MD if you haven't though), pick 1st choice,
take her to Art Gallery.
-Vacation: Talk to her in her lab, pick 1st choice, take her to Movie Theatre.
Outside, pick 2nd choice, 1st choice, then 3rd choice.
-Vacation: Talk to her in her lab, pick 1st choice 2x, take her to
anywhere. At night before the day is over, go to her lab for Tea party. Pick
1st choice, then 2nd choice. Before you go to bed, Pamela will give you a
visit, pick 2nd choice 2x. She'll tell you to take Maggie for a date at
-Vacation: Having "Lovers Oak" in your inventory, talk to Maggie, pick 1st choice.
Exit mansion to go to Marcuria. At Marcuria harbor, pick 1st choice 2x.
Get near Maggie, use Lovers Oak.
-Last Vacation: At night go to her lab. Talk to her.
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thanks alot for the info. but it seems that I missed alot of steps already...gotta do a replay.