Aida Bridge Battle (SPOILERS)

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4 years ago#1
Wow the battle @ Aida Bridge after you've explored the ruins is really frustrating and annoying, barely managed to get through... I saw Tricia there and some *knock codes* whatever, last she said was "I don't understand* I wonder if I can still get her to join the party?
4 years ago#2
It sounds like you picked the right choice for her.

The only problem I had with the battle was the had really poor indication where you need to go to leave the map. Otherwise, the enemy spent way more time killing each other than anything else.
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4 years ago#3
Haha yes, the two enemy sides was busy trying to bury each other into the ground but they do attack me occasionally, though, I'm just annoyed at how the screen goes back and forth, wow, mega headache-inducing stuff right there.

Eh, do you or anyone knows how to get to the Ruined Village? I have to bring the cannon and some other stuff to Maggie but I can't remember how to get there :<

Much thanks.
4 years ago#4
from ordinale, go east, about only 1 or 2 screens... then you will see the "giant boulder"
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4 years ago#5
Thank you! ;)
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