Meowna & Remus (Dulkheim)

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User Info: bodrock

4 years ago#1
How do you pronounce 'Remus'? - Results (48 votes)
33.33% (16 votes)
45.83% (22 votes)
20.83% (10 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I always pronounced it as Ream-Us, but after going on the Dulkheim route, the way Leona says it kinda sticks -- is she right, and I need to learn how to read?

User Info: Umbra_Chai

4 years ago#2
I'm going to start calling him Robble Robble from now on.
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User Info: bodrock

4 years ago#3
LMAO - thanks for playin along, Umbra! :p

But I was wondering where that anime scene in the opening took place -- I had no idea it'd lead up to where it did....!

User Info: SpacePirateKhan

4 years ago#4
Yeah, it was pretty surprising to see the opening scene in that particular part of the game. So the first time we see Crev he's an ass. O:

I always thought it was "Ream-us," too. I've heard of Ream-uses before, but never a Rem-us.
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User Info: Cinerary

4 years ago#5
You know, I always thought he bore a striking resemblance to the Hamburglar. Must be that handsome face. >_>

Anyway, I say it Ream-us.
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User Info: synthetiksin

4 years ago#6
Japanese E sounds like eh, so rem-us.

User Info: Zenpukki

4 years ago#7
At first, I thought his name Rems based on PS2 Jpn version
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User Info: AoENIAC

4 years ago#8
I chose the Latin pronunciation for Remus because I assumed he was supposed to be named after the Remus from Rome's foundation myth.
Is there something about the way I type that makes it sound angry? Maybe it's just something about the way you read.

User Info: Molivious

4 years ago#9
why is there no "i dont even wanna read (his) edit: her name" choice XD

considering that its been a westernized name, ree-mus would be my actual choice, although i do know that japanese would pronounce it as "re-mus"

ream-us with the "us" sounds different if it's pronounced as "mushroom"..imo, so i didn't make a vote.

i pronounce "mus" as "optimus", "put" or "wuss" lol
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User Info: Finiraldi

4 years ago#10
I go with Ream-us, mainly because I heard that pronunciation first in Harry Potter.
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