Any games similar to this for PSP

#1patelitojoePosted 9/18/2012 1:52:14 PM
I beat it once, and sure I can keep going but I just don't see the point of re-owning everyone. So can anyone give me a few recommendations for PSP or DS?
#2ForbsterPosted 9/18/2012 2:26:10 PM
No but depending on what you liked about this game, other suggestions can be made.
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#3SpacePirateKhanPosted 9/18/2012 2:58:23 PM
Riviera is an RPG with character endings and minor choices, but.. that's about it as far as similarities go. >_> This game was a beautiful freaking snowflake.
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#4patelitojoe(Topic Creator)Posted 9/18/2012 7:12:21 PM
Well I've played most of the popular PSP games. Can anyone recommend any underrated/unpublicized games for a RPG junkie like myself?
#5DarkRPGMasterPosted 9/18/2012 7:31:06 PM
For RPGs, one you could try is Hexyz Force. It's a JRPG, and feels kind of generic, yet somehow makes it feel so refreshing. A warning though, the game DOES have a few gamebreaking glitches and bugs in it.
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#6BrandonASPosted 9/18/2012 7:38:30 PM
The first under publicized RPG that comes to mind (for me) is PoPoLoCrois.
The port of Mana Khemia, while suffering from bad load times, was a very nice RPG as well.
Also since the psp isn't region locked you could look across the pond for RPGS, I managed to find a PAL release of Tales of Eternia at one of my local game trade-in stores.
If you liked all the political going ons in Wayfarer of Times, then you may also like Spectral Souls.
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#7MoliviousPosted 9/18/2012 8:45:06 PM
Radiant Mythology series/Tales of Series (PSP/DS)
Valkyria Chronicles (PSP) - this is an srpg tho
Generation of chaos 6 (PSP) - japanese, though
if you can get the classic Ogre Battle: March of the black queen (PS), then i'd highly recommend this; srpg though
Summon night series (DS), pretty mediocre at best, but might be too easy for you..
Golden Sun (DS), idk if you've played this or the first two games on the gba, but its still nice...although the previous two were a lot better
Radiant Historia (DS)
Suikoden Tierkreis(DS)

Not mentioning FF titles anymore lol. i know i can mention a platoon more, but maybe later. cant recall much.. these are quite popular though, so you might have played most, if not all, of them alraady.
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#8lunarXskiesPosted 9/18/2012 9:34:22 PM
From: Molivious | #007

Generation of chaos 6 (PSP) - japanese, though

How is that game? It was a Sting game, so I wanted to try it but the trailer made the gameplay look awfully slow
#9MoliviousPosted 9/18/2012 10:33:07 PM
actually, the trailer IS the game xD a good summary lol
but it gets faster later on... cant say it's on par with growlanser's micromanaging, though.

and i wont deny it's sluggishness, overall. it's an srpg, after all(forgot to mention in my previous post). lol. it's more fun than it looks, but i still prefer the old GoC gameplay.
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#10SpacePirateKhanPosted 9/18/2012 11:42:09 PM
BrandonAS posted...
The first under publicized RPG that comes to mind (for me) is PoPoLoCrois.

I second this suggestion. It's not much like Growlanser, but it's really freaking cute. XD
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