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4 years ago#1
I'm starting to finally enjoy this game, and after some research, it seems that Growlanser is the spiritual successor to an older series called Langrisser.

Is Langrisser any good? From what it sounds like, as a series it's even more beloved than Growlanser, although that could be because it's older. Coming from Growlanser player's opinions, is Langrisser worth it? Also, which other Growlanser games are worth playing?
4 years ago#2
Growlanser and Langrisser are about as similar as swiss cheese and Xboxes. The games are nothing alike except for the artwork. Growlanser is closer to the standard RPG format with some tactical elements. Langrisser is a genuine tactical series with RPG elements.

That being said Langrisser is one of my favorite series. The best regarded titles in the series seem to be L2 and L4 from what I can tell. My personal favorite is L4.
4 years ago#3
That's enough to convince me, thank you. Like I said, I'm starting to finally enjoy this game after about the halfway point, but it's not what I expected as far as tactical gameplay goes. In a strange way, Growlanser feels like a much more difficult Suikoden...

The first Langrisser game is actually Warsong, correct?
4 years ago#4
Yes, Langrisser 1 was originally localized as Warsong.
4 years ago#5
I take it back, I don't think I like this game at all. It has the exact kind of difficulty I hate, stupidly annoying and unrewarding, without being fun. Having to redo a fight 10 times that's 20 screens and 10 battles away (due to no save point) because you failed an objective due to getting stunned infinitely or characters running into eachother and stopping. I vastly prefer Gungnir to this.

On the other hand, I am GREATLY enjoying Langrisser (Warsong) at the moment. Still has the art style I enjoy, while being a much smoother and rewarding experience. I'm excited to play the other games now.
4 years ago#6
There's a stone that prevents stun. Preparation is indeed critical for Growlanser story battle, especially if you don't know what to expect.

But I see what you mean about the lack of save point compared to Gungnir, since Gungnir is super linear with save point before each battle.

Gungnir also has the retry option that you can abuse (since it retains your exp) should you ever hit game over, making it totally less stressful compared to Growlanser where you need to hit load screen whenever you get a game over.

A retry option would be a nice addition indeed, rather than a tedious load screen and going through story sequence.

If there's anything Growlanser does better than Gungnir though, it would be the free exploration, tons of optional stuff to do, and characters' interaction/design, plus overall better attempt at story in general IMO.

TL;DR - Yes, Gungnir is incredibly easier than Growlanser.
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4 years ago#7
Wait Gungnir is easy?
I saw a S*** (WHY DO I NEED TO CENSOR THIS WORD?) ton of people complaining it was hard
I personally find this game easy
The stun is stupidly annoying tho
4 years ago#8
Call me crazy, but I actually prefer the gigantic holes in Gungnir's story due to the sheer amount of interest I had in the dialogue and the way it was presented. This game's story and characters are actually pretty interesting too, but it's presented in a way that feels like you're in a theater looking over an entire row of really tall people, at a movie that's in slow motion.

Preparation is crucial, but you have no idea when or how to prepare unless you use a guide. The gameplay flows at a glacial pace, I find myself mashing O to skip the extremely long effects and voices. Some of the mechanics feel so flawed, I can't believe they put them in the game, like trying to escape past the bridge to an escape point that enemies spawn on top of, and you can't move past. It has nothing to do with strategy, or preparation, you have to be lucky enough to move by in between the millions of reinforcements. And trying to move around targets is a huge annoyance when if you bump into them just 'slightly', your character will attack, botching your attempt to move.

It's hard to even compare this to Gungnir, I mainly said that due to the difficulty and both being recent. I still won't say Growlanser is a bad game, but character design aside, it's quickly becoming very far off what I usually enjoy in a game.

I wouldn't say Gungnir or Growlanser is more difficult either, just different forms of difficulty. You really can't grind much in Gungnir, for example.
4 years ago#9
This game is almost 100% preparation
If you have a good setup and strategy You are invincible pretty much
Its the same in all Growlanser games
In 3 you can beat someone like 10X stronger than you with a very simple strategy early in the game
4 years ago#10
Well, like I said, difficulty aside, I think Gungnir is relatively less stressful due to that retry option that keep all your exp, rather than load saving and skipping all the story scenes like Growlanser.

I have no complain about Gungnir story up until....., well, the unsatisfying conclusion in general, no matter which ending you pick.

Standalone story like this Growlanser IV is better IMO, than Gungnir being part of nine Heaven Dept. nonsense, and use that to cheaply justify all the unresolved plot.
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Playing: P4U, Growlanser 4, Radiant Historia

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