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how involved are the romances? (Archived)Severian11376/4/2014
Is Remus supposed to suck this much? (Archived)RyoKaiba56/3/2014
They should have made... (Archived)smikasmikasmudo16/2/2014
now on sale (psn store US) (Archived)Yarouman35/13/2014
How long will it take to finish? (Archived)sonicster200245/11/2014
So dead board but I'll ask anyway Alice ending question. (Archived)SheenaTheWomanizer25/7/2014
Wow, this is easily the longest I've gone playing just one game. (Archived)FLOUR33/18/2014
Modified route pointers. (Archived)LordTacoshima22/7/2014
So what exactly happens to these characters on the original route? *spoilers* (Archived)FLOUR71/26/2014
Growlanser wayfarer of time original route (Archived)Przemekxx11/26/2014
Growlanser wayfarer of time PSP (Archived)Przemekxx31/25/2014
Favourite pairings? (Archived)LookAngle71/3/2014
Do I have to use New Game +? (Archived)LookAngle412/25/2013
Where to go after last Tricia fight? *possible spoilers* (Archived)LizardRonin312/25/2013
Looking for the final boss theme (Dark Vester) (Archived)Mahgyro312/23/2013
Would I get different movies if I didn't alter someone's fate? (Archived)FLOUR212/15/2013
I can't take Tricia even remotely seriously. (Archived)Pirate_Duck812/5/2013
Character's Starting Skill Sets (Archived)CrimsonFlash21112/5/2013
Whats with all the silver/white hair? (Archived)Pirate_Duck211/22/2013
Mission 34 Bridge - ridiculously hard? (Archived)666Kefka666211/20/2013
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