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characters can't move in battles on New Game+ (Archived)skyfanboi56/24/2013
Could Frayne be Bryntir's girlfriend before they went into sleep chamber? (Archived)
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Mission Complete for the Giant Cannon mission? (Archived)CBWizard46/22/2013
wiat...so this game was a PS2 game? (Archived)moogle6956/20/2013
I found a youtube channel with every GL ost. (Archived)181stCommander16/20/2013
About the other Ruin Children (spoilers) (Archived)legeon36/19/2013
One great thing about Growlanser series is that you can build your own town (Archived)CBWizard76/18/2013
10 Ideas that can make this game better than it is now. (Archived)CBWizard106/9/2013
Restarted the game after 44 hours of gameplay. (Archived)
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Got mission complete for Mission 3 in my second playthrough (Archived)CBWizard26/6/2013
Is this game still on sale. (Archived)gadgaurd16/3/2013
Opinions on Ludwig? *possible spoilers* (Archived)Gankutsuo66/2/2013
Original Route questions (and possibly some SPOILERS) (Archived)blackrose83156/1/2013
The GL4 pairing thread (Archived)
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Does this game have a canon ending/pairing? (Archived)
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This game is so difficult to get mission clear (Archived)CBWizard85/31/2013
Abvout Original Endings(Spoiler) (Archived)CBWizard105/31/2013
Hard time with angel (spoilers) (Archived)Ranirran35/31/2013
2v2 Not Giving Full Rewards? (Archived)Firethingy45/30/2013
Exhibition 3 Farming for Spell Stones? (Archived)Firethingy25/30/2013
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