Bloatfly (spoilers)

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User Info: eccsame

5 years ago#1
So I just faced off against the legendary bloatfly which was, for me even more difficult than the giant scorpion. But then, after the battle, he dropped crappy loot. Am I missing something? I checked the cave and, with the exception of a room with a cot and some broken computers, there doesn't seem to be anything. I was hoping for a tape or something.

User Info: Retrogamer79

5 years ago#2
i had that same battle today, surprised the hell out of me lol. he was tough as anything, like a flying bullet sponge.

anyway, i didnt find anything you didnt find unfortunatly, just some crappy loot and a cot. was hoping for some good spoils after that beast.
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User Info: BBWulf1

5 years ago#3
If you look on the fallout wiki site is the most powerful creature in the game..2000 HP
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User Info: neversleeps84

5 years ago#4
Really? I just fought this thing last night and had no problems. I got a Sneak Attack Critical with the Anti-Materiel Rifle which took a huge chunk of health away, and I think 2 or 3 more shots did him in. Didn't even lose any of my health.

I agree on the loot, though, it was pretty lame.

User Info: Happy_Robot

5 years ago#5
That rifle does 110 damage I think. How do you do that?

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