What this game should've had (music-wise)

#1PokemonYoutubePosted 2/28/2012 7:20:10 AM
A thingy like Super Smash Bros Brawl had where you could set the chance of having a certain song play on each stage. I mean, being able to pick which song you want is nice and all, but I'd much rather have a thingy like Brawl had.

Say you could pick 5 songs to play on each stage and set the odds of each one playing like this:

Stage: Astral Chaos
-Nightmare's Theme (80%)
-Devil Jin's Theme (65%)
-Algol's Theme (50%)
-Alpha Patroklos's Theme (60%)
-Pyrrha Omega's Theme (70%)

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#2VorpalSeraphPosted 2/28/2012 7:23:20 AM
Mine would probably end up being like:

40% Faster Than a Howling Wind
40% Daybreaker
20% Whatever the original theme was

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#3Belmont_92Posted 2/28/2012 8:49:33 AM
I'm alright with just assigning a song to a stage, I bought the SB, SCII and III packs and I just used some of my favourite old themes to replace the ones I don't like.

For example, I'm not a huge fan of Cervantes' theme in SCV, but assigning Bravely Folk Song to his stage feels so right lol. Though I wish we got Eternal Struggle.