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Was this game made for PS3 and ported to the Xbox 360? (Archived)MarteenGreen91/31/2012
Did they take Aerial Control out? (Archived)LunaEstFrigida21/31/2012
Suggested Character play style for.. (Archived)Breakfast_Time61/31/2012
So, I marched into Best Buy like a boss... (Archived)
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So are any of the character story arcs explained in SCV? (Archived)Mugenpower02101/31/2012
Old Music bought from SC IV (Archived)OiledUpPanda31/31/2012
Ivy's Calamity Symphony (Archived)disneyanime9131/31/2012
dampierre code is currently going for $20 plus on ebay atm (Archived)Elite_Gamers31/31/2012
How do you.. (Archived)legionofdugi11/31/2012
Anyone who already had this game before it came out? (Archived)MechaMew271/31/2012
How do you register rivals? (Archived)Seven Heavens11/31/2012
Whats a good character for a SC beginner? (Archived)KbronMase41/31/2012
Out of the Characters, which are Unlockable through Arcade? (Archived)Hewie331/31/2012
My Good Target Pre-Order Experience (Archived)Silverosx31/31/2012
How to Unlock Weapons (Archived)
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How do I unlock new gear? Is character gear unlockable? (Archived)ZXR_ReignSlayer71/31/2012
Oh wow, this looks pretty much exact. (Archived)
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wait wait! the "Book shapped" collector edition was preorder only? (Archived)Muryo31/31/2012
How do you get Yoshi's mask to open? (Archived)Jkool21/31/2012
Doing Legendary Souls (Archived)Devilmaycry24561/31/2012
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