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They removed the one guy who happens to be black???? THATS SO (Archived)
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who would you pork? (Archived)
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You know what makes SCV so great? (Archived)
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For those interested, (SPOILERS) (Archived)VideoGamer199011/29/2012
Ivy looks amazing in this game. (Archived)
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Really nice gameplay of Patsuka, Viola and Tira (Archived)
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Story mode is being streamed right now(spoilers) (Archived)saguyakoko91/29/2012
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UGH! Still have to wait till Friday for the game to come out :( (Archived)MissTFayed31/29/2012
is Link in the game and star wars as well? (Archived)
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who is pitsuka? (Archived)Mr_Mestopheles91/29/2012
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UGH! Still have to wait till Friday for the game to come out :( (Archived)MissTFayed41/29/2012
Revelations costume for Ezio? (Archived)Qc8941/29/2012
The one thing that disappoints me with this game... (Archived)Mario_Bones61/29/2012
Will Armor Sets From Collector's Edition Available As Paid DLCs?? (Archived)
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I heard the online for this game will only be up for 1 year (Archived)
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if patsuka is using setsuka's style, oprah should have used something else too (Archived)YermomHoudini101/29/2012
No Weapons Collection This Time...? (Archived)TruePS360iiFan21/29/2012