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4 years ago#1
So I found out something pretty useful: the SC V AI has an exploitable glitch that enables you to win against any AI in the game, even Quick Battle's A1s and Legendary Souls opponents. I've tried it myself, and have just finished Legendary Souls without losing a round and beaten A level opponents including the A1 Edgemaster, A1 Mitsurugi, that A-level Algol that only comes out when you've a 5-match winning streak, that alpha Patroklos female CAS that's also A1 or A2 rank, all within one hour.
But I need someone to check for me if it still works post-patch, as my X-Box 360's not connected to the Internet.

Basically what you do is create a CaS using Nightmare's Soul, then when a match starts, get into his alternate stance. Once you're in his alternate stance, do the 'hold A' attack over and over again. The AI, from the dumbest level to Calibur Master (the Edge Master A1 rank Quick Battle opponent) will always either block or eat the attack, and will almost never punish you if it blocks it. The only thing that might happen is they might sometimes GI the attack and then punish you, but only for the HIGHEST leveled opponents (A1&2) and even then very, VERY rarely, only for like once every 10 rounds or so.
And since one of the simplest ways you can get into Nightmare's alt. stance is by holding the A button (from normal stance) in the first place, the only challenge left is getting to that stance before you're attacked.
But there are some caveats with this method:

-Your victories will be very, very boring, as there is no skill involved and highest level opponents will block most of you (A) attacks, making most of your victories against them the 'Timeout' kind.

-Again, I can't confirm this will work after patch since my game's not patched. Of course, if you're desperate for Legendary Souls and Quick Battle wins you can always delete the patch and then install it again after you're satisfied raping the AI.

-And this is weird, but I don't think you can do this using the real Nightmare himself, you have to use a Nightmare CaS, because when I used Nightmare for this I still get punished on block by the AI. Don't know why this is, but that's how it seems to be.

I hope this will be useful for people who want to finish Legendary Souls/Quick Battle at all cost:)
4 years ago#2
I will try this soon enough. I have the patch, so I hope this still works. Maybe the AI fear the CaS more than they do Nightmare himself.
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4 years ago#3
This didn't work for me when I went up against Harada TEKKEN. Every single time I tried he punished me.
She was just a monster with the capacity to regenerate, he was a mentally strong soldier who had come down with a bad case of death.
4 years ago#4
RedXIII400 posted...
This didn't work for me when I went up against Harada TEKKEN. Every single time I tried he punished me.

Harada TEKKEN was actually one of the opponents I tested it again. When I first got the game I tried to beat him to get the fighting style, lost 46 times before beating him then never tried it again. After I discovered this Nightmare CaS thing I decided to try it again and I can honestly say I won in 1 try, 3-0 in rounds. Maybe it's one of these things?
-Are you sure you're using a CaS and not an edited regular Nightmare?
-Sometimes against highest leveled opponent the only difficulty lies in getting into the stance in the first place. And bear in mind, the attack you use to get to the alt. stance is just a regular attack for the AI, they can still punish that. It's the 'hold A' attack from the alt. stance that the AI is dumb against. So what I do is just hold A in the beginning of the round or back-dash and then hold A, to get to his stance. Sometimes the AI might hit me first (especially with rabid dog types like Harada's AI), but in that case, just recover and get to your stance at all cost. And of course, often they don't hit me first and then they're owned.
Basically, after you land that [A] attack from the alt. stance 1 time, the AI becomes dumb to all your subsequent [A] attack. So make sure you land that 1st attack, and you're golden.
-That might be because of the patch? (which is of course removable and reinstallable)
4 years ago#5
Any particular body size required?
4 years ago#6
Incidentally, my clear time on Legendary Souls is now 21 minutes.
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4 years ago#7
Jiyuu Falcon posted...
Any particular body size required?
I don't know, I know one of my Nightmare CaS that I was using for this was a 4 (1 size shorter than recommended) but I don't know if my 2 other Nightmare CaS have different sizes or not. I'll see it when I get home.
4 years ago#8
I remember the days where Cervantes had a AI Breaking move.... I miss You already 6B,[B]
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4 years ago#9
Yes this works post-patch. Now I can beat those damn A ranked alpha-pats in minutes instead of hours. Post your CAS. Here is mine.

4 years ago#10
GG posting this. The point is to have a challenge and beat the SC COMs legit, and get better. I only condone this with one COM: Any A rank Ivy. Nothing like being Just Guarded, immediately followed with a Calamity Symphony.
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