Translations of character movesets and noteworthy cards

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I've been translating the cards and the character movesets found from the demo. Since there appears to be a lot of questions on the board about them despite the topic I already have, I made this one with the hope that it can get stickied. I'm going to repost the information I've already translated and continue updating here. It would help if you would all request that this topic get stickied so we can try to keep relevant conversation located here. Depending on how this goes, I may submit an FAQ that complies this information. Huge thanks to CornerCheck for taking screen shots of the cards so I'd have something readable to translate. ^_~

Here's what I've translated so far and some relevant posts from the other topic:

Alright I did all of the cards that I thought were particularly interesting and the ones requested. If I missed your request or you have another one, let me know. I made sure to do all the ones that change your ninja tool, jutsu, ougi, and Awakening. So here they are:

24: Stat boosters
25: Boosts the strength of your ninja tool
41: Ninja Tool becomes Poison Kunai
94: Stat boosters
95: Stat boosters
97: Stat boosters
98: Stat boosters:
99: Awakening becomes Kyuubi “4 Tailed Mode”
118: Ninja Tool becomes Kunai with exploding tags
119: I believe this changes Shikamaru’s jutsu into “Kagemane Kunai” I’d have to see Shikamaru’s moveset to be sure
121: Ougi becomes Fuuton: Rasenshuriken
151: While not receiving an attack, if you stand still and do nothing your Awakening Gauge will slowly increase
155: When your Awakening Gauge into a different bar that makes the first hit of each of your combos burn your opponents.
165: Changes Gokakyu no Jutsu into Goryuka no Jutsu
174: Doubles Gamabunta’s attack power
187: Ninja tool becomes (Killer B’s) Lightning Element Pencil
189: Ougi becomes Kirin
190: During your Awakening your attack power and the strength of your ninjutsu increases
199: Awakening becomes “Susanoo Mode”
200: Damage dealt to “Pain” is increased by 20%
202: When a teammate takes damage, your chakra increases
204: When you level up, your Awakening Gauge becomes full
213: Awakening becomes “Killer B Version 2 Mode”
214: Ougi becomes Amaterasu
224: When blocking a ninjutsu, you recover chakra
236: Derivation ninjutsu Raikiri becomes Lightning Beast Running
237: Awakening becomes Kyuubi “6 Tails Mode”
238: During your Awakening, if your life is less than half your chakra recovers on its own
250: Changes Gaara's Suna Shigure into Rendan: Suna Shigure
253: Large boost in strength to attack power and ninjutsu. Also, when you reach a 200 combo you become “faint” (which appears to be a status ailment as there are other cards that negate this)
256: I can’t make out the first kanji from the screenshot, but it indicates a certain type. This card means “When the opponent is hit by a ??? Ninjutsu, they become poisoned”
261: Ninja tool becomes “Double Edged Kunai”
271: Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu become Samehada??? and Suiton: Bakusui Shouha becomes Samehada??? (I can’t make out some of the kanji from the screenshot)
274: Derivation ninjutsu Chidori becomes Enton: Kagutsuchi

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Here's some more information I've already posted:

Based on the number of Awakening Cards, I think it may be the case that only the characters whose movesets change during their Awakening can have their Awakening changed through cards. By that I mean, the characters that don't have cards to change their Awakening probably have the same moveset during their Awakening. But since it very likely that the game will include more cards than this, I can't say for sure.

Also, this makes me think that everyone has the "Narutimate Mode" generic power up Awakening that Sage Naruto has in the demo as their default. You then equip cards to change your Awakening and some characters will have more than one. This sounds like a good idea since everyone may not want to switch movesets if they have a transformation, so doing it this way will allow you to have a powered up mode in case you really like their base form.

The Six Paths of Pain, the Ame Orphans, and the Gedo Mazo card that appears after the Pains are all various stat boosting cards. The other card for Gedo Mazo appears to increase chakra recovery speed, but haven't looked at it in detail yet.

Right now I'm not planning on listing what all the cards do since the majority of them are stat boosters. If you want to know what a specific card does, let me know and I'll take a look. If it's just a stat booster or something that's not incredibly interesting, that's what I'll tell you unless you care about the details.

I know I've been shrugging off the stat boosting cards as not interesting, but that's not to say they aren't important. There are so many ways to customize your characters with these cards, it's really amazing. I'm not going through and translating all the stat boosting cards, but there is literally a card for just about anything you could want to boost. Cards to boost each of the stats, cards for boosting the strength of your items, ninja tools, jutsu, ougi, Awakening... There are so many. I'm really looking forward to playing this and trying out the versus mode too with all of this customization.

I'm really starting to think the game will have "Support Characters." There are cards that differentiate between boosts for your "Support Character" and your teammate. So characters like Suigetsu may end up being a support character, we'll just have to wait and see. Also, I think there will be more cards in the final game. Card 274 is the last real card there and then card 300 appears to be a place holder card as it uses the same image as card 1 and is called "Last Card." So I think we can probably expect 300 or so cards in the actual game.

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Here's Hinata's Moveset:


/\ O: Hakke Kuushou-- 8 Trigrams Empty Palm
/\ O (Held): Hakke Kuushou--8 Trigrams Empty Palm(Stronger Version)
/\ O (In the air) Hakkeshou Kuuten--8 Trigrams Palm Empty Heaven --This is an ougi from Accel 2 (Ultimate Ninja 5), essentially it's an aerial version of her Shugo Hakke jutsu
O /\ Juuhou Soushiken--Gentle Step: Twin Lion Fists
OO /\ Juuhou Soushiken--Gentle Step: Twin Lion Fists
OOO /\ Hakke Sanjuunishou--8 Trigrams: 32 Palms (Attack continues if you keep pressing the button)
/\ /\ O Shugo Hakke: Rokujuuyonshou--Protection of the 8 Trigrams 64 Palms
Awakening: Soushiken Mode--Twin Lion Fist Mode

For the rest of the characters I'll probably save time by just putting the English translation unless otherwise requested. I'm very happy with Hinata's moveset, I'm glad to see that they're bringing back some of the jutsu they made up from their previous games. Kuuten was one of my favorites from before since I'm so fond of Shugo Hakke Rokujuuyonshou.

Something else I would like to point out for anyone who wants to help with this. I am aware that certain combinations of cards result in a link bonus that is signified by a green border around the cards. If someone would like to try combinations of these cards and take a screenshot of the message that appears, I'll work on translating those too.
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Hey Cutey,once again thanks for helping us all out,i was just wondering if you could translate Minato's movelist for me cause i'd really like to see it.So if you can please and thank you!
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#5Pics_nao_plzPosted 8/20/2011 4:30:09 PM
I second Minato's. If it's not too much to ask, are there any differences in the Sauce's movesets?
#6ShinobiMuramasa(Topic Creator)Posted 8/20/2011 7:28:44 PM
Thank you for the comments! I plan on doing all of the movesets. I'll do Sasuke's too, but I don't have links to screenshots with his. These are the screenshots I've seen:

So if anyone would like to provide screenshots for the rest, I'll be able to do them.
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#7noob229Posted 8/20/2011 8:14:27 PM
theres sasuke at the bottom part..... and he has many movesets..... can't understand it though...
#8ShinobiMuramasa(Topic Creator)Posted 8/20/2011 10:49:47 PM
The user added the Sasuke images recently, so I'll do them too.
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#9jm_blaze10Posted 8/20/2011 11:10:00 PM
Cool sasuke's awakening is susanno
#10ShinobiMuramasa(Topic Creator)Posted 8/20/2011 11:38:58 PM
Alright well I went ahead and did Sasuke's because at a glance I could read almost all of his without looking up any kanji. I'll do Minato next. This appears to be the moveset for just one of the three Sasukes, unless they share the same moves.

Sasuke (Sharingan)
/\ O Chidori
/\ O (Hold) Chidori (Stronger Version)
While in the air /\ O Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu
O /\ Chidori Nagashi
OO /\ Chidori Nagashi
OOO /\ Enton: Kagutsuchi
OOO /\ Chidori Eisou: Lightning Flower (I can't see the kanji clearly enough to tell for sure what the suffix is after Chidori Eisou. Anyway this is probably the version of it where it spreads out into multiple beams)
OOOO /\ Chidori
/\ /\ O Kirin
/\ /\ O Amaterasu

Awakening: Curse Seal Level 2 Mode
Awakening: Susanoo Mode
Awakening: Sharingan

Yes he does have 3 different Awakenings. If someone can get screenshots of the other Sasukes' movesets, I'll take a look and see if they're different. They all may be the same though and only differ by the outfit he has. Even though Killer B only has 2 Awakenings listed, since Sasuke does have 3, there's a chance that he may too. So don't give up hope in being able to play as 8 Tailed mode.
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