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5 years ago#1
i downloaded the only save data available at the moment but its corrupted :|
could anyone upload a save with all the characters unlocked please?
Ragnarok DS FC: 4039 8148 0162
Name: Diego
5 years ago#2
This game is so easy.Why not just play the story?
5 years ago#3
how long is the story mode? i have midterms in 2 days and i should be studying :|
Ragnarok DS FC: 4039 8148 0162
Name: Diego
5 years ago#4
Story-wise, its 20+ hours. But if you're aiming to be a completionist, its 30-50 hours.
5 years ago#5
I've beated the storyline in about 10 hours in normal mode.....

im currently collecting cards in hard mode
5 years ago#6
dlomaximo I'll tell you this. IF you download the save data at this point of time, i think it's dumb. Because you literally will quit this game soon. Cause everything is done for you.

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