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Any E3 information regarding this game? (Archived)STHSWN56/10/2011
So at first site, this is a port. Storm game? (Archived)
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Character List Topic? Character List Topic. (Archived)Yuki_No_Haku96/7/2011
Blog update... (Archived)ZeroMk26/6/2011
New Scan 4TK Naruto vs Orochimaru, and Killer Bee (Archived)
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"Over 20 Characters!"??? LOL, sorry NO THANKS. And NO BUY. (Archived)
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So what do you think what will come in the next scan? (Archived)kevintje107046/5/2011
New Scan Kage arc. (Archived)
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New news is new! (Archived)
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Character roster (Archived)imjustnew66/4/2011
Updates???? =') (Archived)Itachi_199266/2/2011
English Trailer:) (Archived)
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So from looking at the trailer.... (Archived)GodlessChaos85/28/2011
IF there is a demo (Archived)Truth4U95/25/2011
Just noticed that... (Archived)
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if wonder if there is a leveling system? (Archived)uchihaschamp35/22/2011
So this game is like Dynasty Warriors: Naruto, essentially, right? (Archived)Yuki_No_Haku55/21/2011
Don't you think that.. (Archived)rokudaimenaruto65/21/2011
Character Roster? (Archived)Itachi_199295/20/2011
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Impact (Questions) (Archived)Itachi_199275/20/2011
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