Can't force offline?

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5 years ago#1
I am keep getting this message : you need to play online at least once before play offline (...) But i did everythngi right,created an account,logged in online for once,then closed and opened the launcher again and tried again but this problem..anyone please help...
5 years ago#2
just try downloading a cracked .exe. they'll let you download patches but once in the game it goes offline automatically
5 years ago#3
i already have a crack but i dont wanna use it cuz with crack i cant play desmond journey,anyone know how to solve the log in offline problem???
5 years ago#4
Now that the game is actually released I would imagine within the next few days to a week there will be another crack or two released...perhaps wait a few and see what happens there? Also , I kind of doubt this will work, but you could try to just take your computer offline and see if the game will run.
5 years ago#5
thnx dude i have already tried that before,but i dont wanna wait,i decided reinstall and not to play desmond's journey iw ill watch them on youtube,al the people say the same thing i think to play the journey doesn't worth all of this
5 years ago#6
Wait, is this the Steam version, or retail version? Is there NO Offline Mode link like Brotherhood? You HAVE TO go online first?
5 years ago#7
Any word on this? Does the game MAKE you get online at least once before playing offline if all I want is the MAIN campaign, nothing more? I'd prefer not needing a crack, so if anyone could confirm this, that'd be great.
5 years ago#8
Wasn't it mentioned that you need constant internet connection by Ubi? Also As I remembered you could go offline in previous two AC games after initial installation verification but there would be some in-game features that would be disabled.
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5 years ago#9
nah they actually made a point to state that it wouldn't have any ridiculous DRM. was in some thread on these forums. in fact this is the first pirated game i've ever seen that actually connects through Ubisoft game launcher, gives you no crap whatsoever, and even lets you download patches.

there's definately an offline mode though, it just automatically used it for me after patching, a message popped up in game with the list of features i couldn't use since i'm offline. not sure what you may have to do Rock_Crow

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