I've read all lthe reviews about this game.

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Somehow I'm unable to find my answers so I'll just ask them in a number order:
1 - Compared to the last games are the cities about the same size?
2 - How is the single player? I'm not much into playing online games w/ ppl, prefer to have fun instead of being harassed. :v
3 - It is quite shallow and pedantic, what am I?
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1. The main setting this time is Constantinople, which feels slightly smaller than Rome. It might be about the same size as, say, Florence. Just my personal perception though, I haven't actually measured the cities.

2. I only play the single player too, and I enjoyed it. The main storyline feels a bit unfocused, and they spring the Big Bad at you too late to make an impact, but otherwise the main quest is all right. The additions to the gameplay have good and bad points; hookblade and bomb crafting are all right, Den Defense and Desmond's Journey are not.

3. What?
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3. What?

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story-wise there's not any reveals/shockers that compare with the last 2 games. aside from Altair's sequences, it's very routine, many characters you know are absent. interesting new characters are short-lived. music took a nosedive(that might not be important to most), they got rid of the signature "chase" music we all love. grenades have the potential to take every last ounce of what little challenge the series ever had but that's your choice to use them or not. instead of puzzles that imply very interesting vague details about events across the history of the world you hunt books that don't ever give any insight to the story themselves, only WHO hid them there is important and no great reason as to WHY they did, seems like just a thin thread to tie them to the story. interaction with the Animus team is replaced by eavesdropping on 2 or 3 phonecalls that also don't tell you much just reactions to past events, and a few short conversations with someone the other games mentioned and led me to believe he'd have alot of interesting things to say, but he doesn't. only thing remarkable about him is a couple jokes & how he acts unecessarily mischeivous, if that does anything for you

I sound like a hater, but I"ve actually played through start to finish 3 times already. :D i'm definately not bitter as if I was cheated, just mildly surprised. IMO it's thanks to part 2 just setting the bar too high, and Brotherhood came close in quality. for the end of Ezio's arc, it was just a little underwhelming, and keep in mind most fans probably have higher standards than I do, i take what I can get from installments to an awesome series as a whole.