Hero Mode - Skill/Moves/Item Unlock List

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It seems I have everything I can for the standard hero then.

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false list you get videl rush from cell.
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^What do you mean "FALSE" list? That's everything I unlocked for Standard Hero! I never said you DIDN'T nor DID get Videl Rush from Cell, but you do get Videl Rush from Cell (which is funny in my opinion). Anyway here's a somewhat incomplete List of what you can unlock for the Light Hero


Ki Blast +1 - Krillin Session 1
Ki Blast +2 - Complete Ginyu's Training

Pink Flame Aura - Ginyu Session 3

Krillin Type
Teen Gohan Type
Gotenks Type

Bed Hair
Wild Hair
Trunks' Hair - Found After Baby
Mohawk - Found After Final Boss
Chonmage - Found After Ginyu
Long Hair - Found After #17 and #18
Short Hair - Found After Final Boss
Turban - Found After Piccolo
Bardock Hair - Found After Omega 2nd Battle

Normal Uniform 1
Normal Uniform 2
Native Costume 1
Native Costume 2
Turtle Hermit Uniform 1 - Found After Ginyu
Turtle Hermit Uniform 2 - Found After Ginyu
Demon Uniform 1 - Found After Piccolo
Demon Uniform 2 - Found After Piccolo
Androind #16's Clothes - Found After Omega 1st Battle*
Tien Uniform 1 - Found After Omega 1st Battle*
Tien Uniform 2 - Found After Omega 1st Battle*
Androind 17's Clothes - Found After #17 and #18
Trunks' Clothes 1 - Found After Baby
Trunks' Clothes 2 - Found After Baby
Saiyan Armor Suit 1 - Found After Omega 2nd Battle
Saiyan Armor Suit 2 - Found After Omega 2nd Battle
Fusion Warrior's Clothes - Found After Final Boss

Crane - Found After Omega 1st Battle*
Kami - Found After Piccolo
Demon - Found After Piccolo
King Kai - Found After Omega 2nd Battle
Capsule Corp. - Found After Baby
Red Ribbon - Found After #17 and #18
Ginyu Force - Found After Ginyu
Babidi - Found After Final Boss

I will try to unlock the Light Hero's Skills, Auras, and the Super and Ultimate moves you can get from the Masters. But just to remind you the Light Hero has 16 SUPER moves and only 5 ULITMATE Moves.

Now that I've cleared Hero Mode with my Light Hero I will begin to start unlock everything for that build now.

*I'm unsure and can't remember if that's when you can find those unlockable CAC parts. Please correct me if I'm wrong, I want to make this list as accurate as possible!
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Loegi posted...
Can anyone confirm you get Gotenks moves as a little fighter?
I hate my destructo disk.

yes you do
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Here is the complete list of the unlockables for heavy heroes i haven't included the clothes because there the same for all classes

Health +2
Health +3
Health +7
Resilient Body (Health +12%)
Melee Attack +1
Melee Attack +2
Melee Attack +5
Melee Attack +6
Melee Attack +7
Melee Attack +9
Melee Attack +10
Strum und Drang (Melee Attack +11%)
Lightening speed (Melee Attack +12%)
Grease Lightening (Melee Attack +13%)
Super Attack +4
Super Attack +8
Tough (Melee Defense +10%) Iron Wall (Melee Defense +20%)
Protection (Melee Defense + 30%)

Pure-blooded Saiyan Aura
Super Saiyan 2 Aura
Super Saiyan 3 Aura
Evil Warrior Aura--Green
Majin Buu Aura
Majin Vegeta Aura
Legendary Super Saiyan Broly Aura
Robo-Type Android Aura
Omega Shenron Aura New Android Aura
Full Power Freiza Aura
Purple Flame Aura
Gold Flame Aura
Yellow Flame Aura
Green Flame Aura

ACTION SKILLS: Android #16 Type
Nappa Type
Cell Type
Full Power Energy Wave
Full Power Energy Barrage Wave
Volcano Explosion
Arm Break
Eye Beam
Machine Impact
Perfect Combination
Trap Shooter
Eraser Cannon
Eraser Shot Volley
Double Eraser Cannon
You Are Stronger That I Expected!
Abyss Impact
Galactic Tyrant
Galactic Blow
Lightning Sword Rain
Brutal Destruction
Please Leave...
Hyper Tornado
Burning Shoot
Thruster Kick
Ultimate Blow

Super Explosive Wave
Nappa Cannon
Self-Distruct Device
Solar Kamehameha
Darkness Sword Attack
Full Power S.S. Deadly Bomber
Grand Smasher
Dimension Sword Attack
Mystic Crasher
Thunder Flash
Android Charge 14
Dore Terrible Flash
Revenger Cannon
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Awesome list!

Do you happen to remember who gave you the Darkness Sword Attack?
#47Alminox5Posted 10/31/2011 2:35:54 PM
I know you get Dimension Sword Attack from janemba but cant remember where i got the Darkness Sword Attack it was before janemba i know that .
#48Killago0mbaPosted 10/31/2011 2:39:21 PM
No prob, thanks for the info. ^_^
#49VirusChris(Topic Creator)Posted 10/31/2011 2:50:57 PM
Thanks for including the HEAVY HERO unlock list Alminox5! Helps a lot!

Judging by this list I speculate that you unlock the Super Saiyan 4 Aura by either completing the LIGHT HERO Master List or complete ALL of the Masters for ALL three Heroes. Interesting reward, but kinda sucks you have to go through ALL that to unlock the SSJ4 Aura.

Also Alminox5 I think you should edit up your post a bit, the ACTION TYPE list and the SUPER list are together with the Broly Type bit. Also maybe bold the titles for the AURA, ACTION TYPE, SUPER, etc. to make it easier to read.

But thanks again!
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#50demonfire922010Posted 10/31/2011 2:59:46 PM
You unlock SSJ4 Aura from Light hero Gotenks training fight 8.
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