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4 years ago#1
well I did a second character and it is possible to max out your stats you just got to complete all masters training and keep grinding with random fights before you fight
ultimate shenron. all my rank for light character is S rank and I am happy ^____^

trying to max the stats for standard and heavy is difficult though

and it took me about a month to really max it completely all my stats
4 years ago#2
For one, you don't even need masters, they don't change the bonuses if you complete them you just have to be with him.
2: Ultimate Shenron has nothing to do with stats, with your logic, everybody would get S rank with their light hero
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4 years ago#3
I am talking about the part where you kill ultimate shenron before completing the hero mode for the first time and not after which gives you exp
4 years ago#4
It doesn't matter what you do, you will never get all S rank, Max is 6 S's and low in 2 others
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4 years ago#5
I am actually wrong lol you are right I just checked my stats and I don't have all S rank lol

anyways I tried re-doing my characters and I finally figured out how this leveling system

works maybe but its a guess if you use a lot of ki blast, melee or super attacks

then the stats for that increase and if you don't use alot of that super attacks then it won't

go up as much and if you use a lot of defense moves and so on

I don't know know if anyone can understand my explanation lol so horrible lmao
4 years ago#6
It's not that either, It's what master you have on. Every master gives different EXP bonuses. All enemies you fight give a set amount which is equal for every stat,

E.g. Great Ape gives 40 for all stats. Have Vegito as a master and your 3 defenses will gain 80 but the other stats will gain the same amount
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4 years ago#7
well right now I am re-doing my heavy character and I am completing each one

as I play along in hero mode before the next boss fight but will it make any difference?

btw I don't know why my ki blast defense and my super atack as well as super attack won't

go up faster in stats it seems leveling very slow.

is it because I chose android #17, bardock, tien , piccolo and android #18 and android #16

as my master ??
4 years ago#8
When you click a master, it will ask if you want to train with them, you don't have to but you will have the bonus in EXP anyway the later characters give better stat bonuses. Experiment with every character until you find out what they give and what you want up.
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4 years ago#9
Alright thx for the info neosonic and I appreciate the help

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