There was a BETA....oh man :/

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4 years ago#1
Soooooo.......I just clicked on the forum. And see all this stuff about a beta ending the exact day I visit...

If there was a BETA I hope there is going to be a DEMO. I bought warhawk when I bought with my Original PS3. (it has died since, sad and off topic)

I have seen talks about this game on things like the Tester and youtube.

It looks super fun and awesome....Im just unsure if I am willing to throw down 60 bucks on a game when I am still addicted to Battlefield and my favorite Game NCAA come out in July....

Im excited/cautious/unsure

Moral of the story....
disappointed I missed out
hope there is a demo
and hope I fall in love with this game
4 years ago#2
I dont think you understand justh ow much fn you missed out on /not even trolling bro.

i didnt play warhawk, and the word starhawk was just unappealing to me since im not a starcraft fan or w/e those games are.

but i downloaded this and i slept about 3 hours total across a span of 2.5 days. this game was insane... i literally stopped playing as of yesterday just so i didnt spoil myself too much(if i didnt already)
try not to think about it till it's released. this game is awesome...
SoulSilverFC~ 4126 3793 3849
4 years ago#3

You have nothing to be unsure of. This game is awesome! Go download it now! Even if you only get to play for today you'll set all doubt aside.

I've only played it for one solid day and am sold. Unlike most games where I pick one role 90% of the time, I equally enjoy every aspect of this game. Vehicle combat/infantry combat/base building are all equally viable and rewarding imo.



3 years ago#4
I have bought 2 new games in the past 4 years, and I have gotten burnt on both purchases.

That being said, I'm preordering this one. The beta had me so hooked, it's not even funny.
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  3. There was a BETA....oh man :/

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