This game has been ruined by children.

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3 years ago#1
I was really excited to play Starhawk, but as soon as I learned about Build and Battle, I knew there would be one huge issue that would ruin the game: Children.

A game like this, in theory, is a great idea. Teammates working together in a fluid, dynamic way to set up and take down defenses. Chokepoints that are always moving. Building styles that would adapt to how enemies exploit them.

I'm sure it worked great in testing. Lightbox's dev team are a lot of older, mature players who are all on the same page as far as how to play the game. I'd love to play this game with a bunch of fellow twenty-somethings who could work together.

The issue is that the majority of the gaming audience involves immature teenagers. These players have no interest in working as a team. You all know this, you've seen it. It absolutely kills a game like this, because you are literally left defenseless. No base, no anti-air defenses. Just 5 sniper towers in a row, 3 supply bunkers, and a bunch of idiots in jetpacks wedging themselves somewhere in the geography to snipe someone.

The first game I played yesterday had our team being summarily wiped by the other team all quickbuilding sidewinders and mowing us over as soon as we got out of the pods. Instead of defenses, my teammates all decided to either ragequit or build sniper towers and run away. We a lot. The second game I played involved myself trying to build a forward base to advance our front line. By the time I'd built it and gotten it properly defended, I came back to find someone dismantling it, building a supply bunker, and grabbing the rocket launcher and running. We lost the game when we ended up getting baseraped with no alternate spawn locations. This is the type of me-first, screw-the-rest-of-you mindset that unfortunately pervades the adolescent gamer mindset. How do I know they were adolescent? I could hear them over the mic.

This is a team based game, inhabited by people who have no reason to work as a team. It's an unfortunate result of Lightbox giving their audience too much credit. Hopefully clan matches solve this problem, and it's not something that's exclusive to Starhawk - any multiplayer game suffers from lone wolves. Unfortunately, this game becomes nearly unwinnable when people use this mindset - and it will mean the game eventually fails.

Moral of the story: You can't trust your playerbase with building. They're immature idiots. The only way to enjoy it is to find a group of mature, older gamers to enjoy a game like this.
3 years ago#2
You seem to know what's up. Add me and we can play sometime. I need more team players on my friends list (which is empty as far as starhawk players go).
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3 years ago#3
I think players like these will be weeded out, but will always exist. It's good to make friends in the community so you know you have at least a couple good soldiers going into the fight
3 years ago#4
I have the game on order, and should get it in the mail next week. I plan to play this game for a very long time - I played Warhawk almost exclusively for a year. Give me some time to get used to this game, and fun will be had.

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3 years ago#5
My first few games were amazing due to the teamwork (even without mics). However, the last two games I played last night were people just building TDM......
3 years ago#6
Lies. No one uses mics on PS3! :p
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3 years ago#7
Do you honestly think that Starhawk is the ONLY game ruined by teenagers?
3 years ago#8
You guys can add me too, if you want. I'll be getting it on Friday (I'm 38 by the way, so definately not a child).
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3 years ago#9
I honestly don't get the deal with some people. Even at 14, every time I actually used a mic, I kept my mouth shut unless there was something that had to be said <_<
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3 years ago#10


i DO have a mic and am fully down to get an adults-only team started. send me a friend request if you'd like. i get off work between 3 and 4pm every day.
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