I'm lovin the hawk!

#1idrc82Posted 5/10/2012 7:08:11 PM
At first like many others I'd be lucky to last 15 seconds in the skies but after switching to advance flight and some adjusting and practice I feel I'm doing great. Been able to go a few tdm at like 15+ and 1 death.Out maneuvering in dog fights, gunning down enemy hawks and doing bomb runs. I feel like I'm playing a whole other game when I'm in the skies. I've never played warhawk though online so the flight is all new to me unless you count psx warhawk. Either I feel confident enough to say I'm a competent flyer, although I'm not that great at 1 on 1 up close battles on foot. I also like the epic music that plays when taking off, sound is great using a headset.
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