Anyone else think the Bunker should be able to take more punishment?

#1SairosPosted 5/17/2012 10:43:16 PM
It is a bunker after all, in this world at least bunkers are made to withstand heavy bombardment.

Their resistance to both Starhawk bombs and tank artillery and cannon fire should be significantly higher in my opinion, as it stands they can only take three rounds from a single tank.........not much of a bunker if you think about it.

Maybe they should allow you to change it (like with the beam tower) to make it smaller and without a roof, but with far higher damage mitigation.
#2Sairos(Topic Creator)Posted 5/17/2012 10:45:08 PM
Errr, I meant without the ability to climb up to the roof, bad wording there.
#3Tony93Posted 5/17/2012 10:56:00 PM
i think structures in the main base should be able to take MUCH greater punishment. it really cut down on the spawn camping.
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#4XSilverPhoenixXPosted 5/17/2012 11:27:42 PM
No way, you should be able to take a dull rusty knife and slash at it twice and watch it crumble. The same thing goes to one swipe with a rusty knife to destroy a Hawk and the pilot flying it.

#5craelonPosted 5/18/2012 1:13:00 AM(edited)
I mentioned this in another topic, it's one of my patch wishes. I think Bunkers should have the most health out of all the buildings. That's what a freaking bunker is. I'd want them to keep the ladder on them though as it would be too overpowered without it. At least you know where the enemy will have to come from.

I suggest having 3 different versions of the bunker too. Upgrade them like the other stuff and you can get specialized bunkers.

The basic one is the one we have now. It spawns a rocket launcher, a pistol, and a shotgun.

I'd like there to be a "Demolitions" bunker. It has less health but inside it contains a Grinder and some mines.

The final bunker type I'd like is a Heavy Bunker. One with more health and comes equipped with 4 turrets up top. It also would be missing the ladder up from the outside to ensure maximum defensive capabilities. The downside is that it has no weapons inside, only an ammo box.

Having three different options for bunkers would add more variety to the battles and could possible help balance things out.
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