i need clan members

#1AvengedfrkPosted 5/18/2012 1:22:21 AM
my clans name is Rift Monglers [RM]. i am looking for new members that are willing to help with strategies. i know of none atm but this is my first clan that i am going to dedicate my time to (after work) just to make sure that we all work as a team and actually try to compete in clan battles. i have never done this before so i am actually a noob at having my own clan. just so everybody knows my ps3 is in the shop right now and should be back within a week maybe longer. all u have to do in order to join is send me a message (not a friend request) on my psn account. i will immediately send a clan invite upon my return. my kill/death ratio is 2.00. it used to be higher but a few games in a row we got base raped. it was horrible. soooo my psn id is Avengedfrk. please be patient as it will take some time to get my ps3 back in order to invite u. anybody who joins please give suggestions on strategies because we will need them in order to compete with most other clans. right now i have 6 members with 2 officers helping me build my clan while i am gone.