Why so HARD????

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User Info: dawson101

5 years ago#1
This is killing me over here... I love this game... All Mk's and I have beat all of them.. But why is this game so hard!!! put it to very easy and I get owned!! Why is this so hard?

User Info: mr_metalhead666

5 years ago#2
Because the AI basically reads your button inputs. The only way to win in single player is by exploiting the AI.
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User Info: lilrican21

5 years ago#3

dawson101 posted...
This is killing me over here... I love this game... All Mk's and I have beat all of them.. But why is this game so hard!!! put it to very easy and I get owned!! Why is this so hard?

glad some one agrees with me........

User Info: hailgalvatron

5 years ago#4
i remember playing MK II on SNES forever,,,, i played the hell out of it, i enjoyed it, it was fun and playable.... I played it in the arcade, but i must have been better back then cause i could remember getting to shoa kahn a few times,,,,, when i first bought my ps3, i downloaded MK II immediately, and GOT OWNED by Jax every time... annoyed me soo much,.... I bought this with out coming on this board first, hoping that they changed something in this trilogy, but i was wrong.... Raiden is on roids,,,,, he's like he just washed down a pound of sugar with a bottle of jolt..... ugh...... maybe it's time to find a mac SNES emulator somewhere, ( i have been itching to play Killer Instinct after playing all these older fighting games lately)

User Info: Spag

5 years ago#5
Same. I was obsessed with the first two MK's back in the day and, to some extent, the third one when it came out. I spent many a summer day with my SNES and MKII strategy guide by my side, and never do I recall the game being anywhere near as difficult as it is now. It's sorta ruining the nostalgic feeling I had for the games.

User Info: Black_Ops___

5 years ago#6
i just spent the last 4 hours trying to beat MK2, i got to about the 7th opponent and just quit in a furious rage, unplayable and not fun at all!

so dissappointed in this release, as ive been waiting for months.

User Info: FlandersNeddy

5 years ago#7
It's exactly the same as the arcade game, which was designed to suck in quarters.

Gotta use cheap patterns to beat it.

User Info: scorpion41

5 years ago#8
These games were always hard...go play them on a MAME emulator and you won't see a difference. I think maybe gamers got spoiled the last couple gens with easy A.I. and crutches to fall back on.
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User Info: UrBabysGtRabies

5 years ago#9
Granted it is pretty hard, but these games were ALWAYS hard in the arcade. Its like I have to get good all over again.

Been playing UMK3 pretty consistently the last few days, and the only character giving me tons of problems now is Jade. God I hate her so much.

MKII is pretty tough all together. I have to concur that one next. I keep wanting to do kombos and end up getting totally wrecked.

MK1 hasnt aged very well for me. I'm just glad I have it for the sake of collecting.
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User Info: heerohart

5 years ago#10
ok i am happy it not just me also.

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