Help with wave 45

#1michaelkennethPosted 9/17/2011 3:33:01 AM
I always lose. That red dressed **** cannot die..
#2Raas EarlPosted 9/19/2011 8:48:13 AM
Indirect Approach: Archers, a lot of them, can leech her life a bit while staying out of her range. Horsemen, with their high attack, can take chunks of her hit points off though they risk getting one-shotted. Spearsmen, with ranged weapons, stand some sort of a chance against her.

Direct Approach: Use tanks like Arthur, Armored Men, or Swordsmen to hold her off as you pound her health bit by bit.

You need a healer behind you to regenerate health to survive the ordeal. She's a tough b***h so you may also want to use the Deathcoaster to collide into her once it is charged. You cannot go one on one using Ash with her for she hits really hard. In later waves her hubby, I call him that, is even more of a disaster than her.

Overall, you need to upgrade your units and Ash's special skills. Overwhelm her with many units to minimize yourself getting killed and maximize the Smithy for quick summoning.
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