how do you get people to move in?

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5 years ago#1
Maybe I am doing this wrong. But I have a house that has a floor, walls and ceiling. It has a door, furnace, table and chair. I accidently put the chair away from the table. Does it have to be right up against it? I can't get the chair up again. Seems like once you place a chair, it's there forever. can't even destroy it. anyway, I waited a full day night cycle. And nothing. I tried putting a sign out. Thought maybe it's how you put it "for sale". but still nothing. I don't get it.
5 years ago#2
the conditions are:

- the house needs to be completely enclosed and at least four blocks high with a door
- it needs a table, a chair and to be well-lit
- it needs a background wall of at least wood.

if you meet these and the other criteria, they should move in no problem.
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5 years ago#3
In addition to those requirements, each NPC has specific requirements:
(taken off the terraria wiki)

Merchant - Spawns when all players or the player has a combined total of 50 Silver coins.

Arms Dealer - Spawns when the player has obtained a firearm (Before he moves in, only a musket or handgun is possible to obtain.)

Dryad - Spawns when you have slain any boss monster.

Nurse - Spawns when you have extended your health, this is done using a crystal heart, found underground.

Demolitionist - Spawns when you have obtained dynamite or bombs. You do not need to use the item, just find it.

Old Man - The dungeon 'guard'. If spoken to in the day, he tells you that you may not enter the dungeon until his curse has been lifted. When spoken to at night, he transforms into the dungeon boss Skeletron.
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5 years ago#4
how do you build a background wall? and how do you delete furniture?
5 years ago#5
to remove furniture, just use a hammer on it. you can make a hammer with wood at a crafting bench. for background, first you must remove any existing background (probably dirt) for that, use the hammer again. After that, just look for wood wall in your crafting menu when near a crafting bench. =)
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5 years ago#6
so is wood wall different from normal wood? i've just been stacking raw wood. maybe that's why. also I just want to make sure. when you said background wall, I thought you meant something literally in the background. is that what you mean? something you build that is in the area, but it's "behind" so you can walk through it? everything I build so far is in the foreground. as in, if it's in my way, I can't move through it.
5 years ago#7
yeah the wood wall is really a wall, you can build on it, unlike normal air, but you are able to walk by it if you build the wall itself.
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5 years ago#8
"Block" to enclose room and "Wall" to fill up back ground.
Place torch, chair, table and door to finish up room for NPC to live in.
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