Activate WBID?

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4 years ago#1
Every time I go on GCI, it tells me that wbid is inactive, so I created an account on the gotham city imposters website but it still says its inactive.

So how do I link the wbid thing with my account and make it active?
4 years ago#2
BUMP! Im having the same problem. On all the forums i go to, it says go to options or it should have popped up when i launch the game. That never happened and the WBID option isnt there. So i dont know whats happening.
4 years ago#3
did you activate the account? after you sign up they will email you to activate the account, once you do that you should be ok, at least that's how I got past that message.
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4 years ago#4
Go to the website and sign in. Next click on your profile page and there should be a option that says "verify email" click on that link and it will send you a email to verify. Follow the link sent to your email and your done.
4 years ago#5
btw if you don't get an email confirmation from them post on the forum. I kept clicking over and over and never got an email. I posted in the support forum and then with in 1hr they all came through.. from all like 12 attempts and my topic was removed so I'm guessing someone on their end did something to fix it for me.
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4 years ago#6
thanks guys, I'll try that verify email to see if it works

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