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#1BongbuddyPosted 4/29/2012 12:44:55 PM
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#2ThatRedLionPosted 4/29/2012 12:50:49 PM
This sucks so much. I was/am really looking forward to this game, and now it may well be gone. I can't imagine the publisher having no idea this would be an issue, either.
#3Trevor_BelmontPosted 4/29/2012 6:35:40 PM(edited)
I just saw this on IGN, I was looking forward to downloading it Tuesday hopefully they can work something out and still release it, it's also the free PS+ game for May that I was looking forward to the (since I already have both Castlevania games already) most.
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#4hotgamerPosted 4/30/2012 9:29:13 AM
I don't see why they can,t release it now. This game is done, all the money spent on it is already spent. Releasing it won't cost anything else. In fact, it may makes them a little money.
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#5Trevor_BelmontPosted 4/30/2012 3:50:56 PM
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