Looking to party up!

#1RoKkJoshPosted 5/17/2012 3:36:17 PM
Looking for some teammates, I can use most of the characters really well, my choice depends on yours, so yeah. add me! we can run a private battle to see if theres good team work and proceed to play online.

PSN Rokk_Josh
PSN Rokk_josh
#2TheCManatorPosted 5/17/2012 4:54:56 PM
Can't today, but add me if you want.

I haven't played mp yet but i've gotten decent enough at pwning the AI. I know the characters basic gameplan but prefer Leon and Yuri.
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#3ReplayKillah32Posted 5/18/2012 2:00:22 AM
Add me if you feel like it, mainly use Leon or Clank. Been practicing with Lonestar and Yuri.
PSN: DarkTime0
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