Will this run on XP?

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User Info: TheRulerOfEarth

3 years ago#1
I know on steam it says vista and 7 but was wondering if anyone out there has tried with XP?

I hate vista and don't want to spend 200 to get windows 7 until I build a new PC this x-mas.
"I'll get my come-up-ins, COME-UP-INS!!!!"-Homer Simpson

User Info: ziraki33

3 years ago#2
Long story short No.

XP won't be able to run this, better luck with windows 7 or vista.

User Info: giocare

3 years ago#3
Just to elaborate, the game won't work on XP because it uses DX 10 and 11 which only Vista, 7 and 8 support.
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  3. Will this run on XP?

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