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User Info: NoSequelForYou

3 years ago#1

Looking for some players who are up for playing user-made Co-op missions (or self created). I am still learning the ropes with the editor but I plan to start making my own missions too. I also like to play with game modifications (e.g: JSRS, TMR realism etc) that some public servers don't seem to run.

I am not particularly looking into joining or creating what they call a "squad" but rather a group of people who are also new to the series who have an interest of getting together with others for a good night of Players vs AI gaming!

I would prefer European/UK players to minimize connection issues but with it being such a small community on these forums, anyone is welcome.

If interested just PM your SteamID or leave it here.

User Info: InsaneGenius

3 years ago#2
add me on steam I play with some RL soldiers. makes for a great team game

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User Info: cliffo1992

3 years ago#3
Hey I'm in the same boat.
Played Arma 2 but have lost the skills over the years so picking this game back up and looking for coop friends.

I play in Australian times but do occasionally play in the late hours which could suit you other players in different parts of the world.

I've got a headset and would prefer using voice chat but still feel free to add me if you don't! :)

Steam ID: Saltytoe
I like being human because of computers

User Info: thatfool12Gs

3 years ago#4
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User Info: cliffo1992

3 years ago#5
Instead of inviting you all into my friends list so I can forget all your names, join this group instead.

So when you are done with the game you can leave to avoid confusion.

I like being human because of computers
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