Press talk

#1spaced10Posted 10/23/2011 12:27:12 AM
I am 15 matches in to my player manager carreer on amature, so far i have not seen the option to talk to the press?
Can anyone help out as to how to do this.
thank's in advance.
#2Sr92Posted 10/23/2011 5:38:56 AM
Press square but it is not avaliable everytime only for certain matches.
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#3ChimpZillaPosted 10/23/2011 6:17:12 AM
It may also depend on what team you're using. I first finished my Career Mode as a manager playing with West Ham United and I got the option to talk to the press very few times, usually before derby clashes. Now I'm doing the same thing but using AC Milan and I get the chance to talk to the press almost every other game.
#4styles10456Posted 10/24/2011 2:04:06 PM
it is marked as Red on your calender.. and it will show at the bottom left corner of the screen to press Square.
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