Youth academy players won't sign contracts!

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User Info: starcb26

5 years ago#1

I've given them contracts up to $30,000 a week, and they still won't sign. They keep telling me they want higher weekly wages. One of them is a CB, his overall is 56-60, with a player potential is 73-79, and he's 18. The other one is a GK, his overall is 67-71, with a potential of 82-88, and he's 16. WHY WON'T THEY SIGN?!!!!

User Info: starcb26

5 years ago#2

I'm the Seattle Sounders btw if that makes any difference.

User Info: D_e_t_

5 years ago#3
thats why lol, j/k i dunno

User Info: Drexlerfan22

5 years ago#4

Never even heard of this problem. I've never had an issue signing youth players. Only a couple things I would say to try, but you probably have already checked these... first, are you matching the # of years of the executive suggestion (usually seems to be 2)? 2nd, are you sure you haven't hit your maximum squad size?

User Info: ngdubz

5 years ago#5
I had the same problem with one of my players. I cut him, and haven't had a problem since.

User Info: Silent_21_Snake

5 years ago#6
It's a pain but it depends, i'll give you an example. Kid at my club, 15, CB. Rating 55, Rene Wright, has a potential of 85-91.. would not sign at all, i ended up giving him 70,000 a week and he's a 55 rated player... yip, ridiculous. Had him 4 seasons because nobody would take him on loan because of his wages so i was forced to bench him the whole first season i had him.. he barely grew.

2nd season i played him next to every game, he reached 68, did same for next 2 seasons and he's a 79 CB barely 20 and potential still at 85-91. Have to re-sign his contract soon but now would he be worth 70,000 a week? Hell, in my view, he looks like a future world beater and i'd be willing to give him a 150,000 if he wanted it because not for nothing a 91 rated CB for 70,000 a game is cheap!
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