Lego Call of Duty....

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I hope to god you don't see this game idea as exactly like other lego games.
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knightimex posted...
Typical cookie cutter response.

Think out side the box please.

Now who's not giving reasons? You've suggested a game concept that doesn't logically work without warping the premises of the games you're trying to mash together beyond recognition, and you seemingly refuse to actually provide any context for what this game should be like.

Rather clearly trolling, I think.
#13Big_IsaacPosted 6/2/2011 1:35:35 PM
LEGO apparently owns the entire world and therefore can lego-ize any franchise they want
how about LEGO Wolfenstein?
LEGO Silent Hill?
LEGO Left 4 dead?
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First person shooter using legos how hard is that to fathom?
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