I think we all saw this coming years ago

#31nogaemsPosted 6/7/2011 2:28:40 PM

From: Solid Link | #028
And where are all the racers and RPGs on your list?

Elder Scrolls
Atelier Rorona
Initial D
Mass Effect
Ridge Racer
Eternal Sonata
Resonance of Fate

Disgaea and Demon's Soul aren't RPG's?

Actually, I was referring to third-party diversity, so yes.

No, you weren't. At least, nothing in the sentence implied it.

Although you clearly missed the point of my original post.

I must be missing something considering that a large portion of great games on the PS3 are not shooters (TPS/FPS). I'd say 1/10 at the most. My second question in my first post was rhetorical. The amount of good games on the Wii for half the genre out there pales in comparison to the PS3.
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