Looking back, technically Vita + PS3 can do what Wii U will do.

#11damienwPosted 6/7/2011 10:45:53 AM
Yes, you can stream straight to the PSV.

They promised enhance remote play features as well.

This is virtually identical. Only the PSV has a lot more processing and independent function over the Wii U controller tablet.
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#12kamikaze135Posted 6/7/2011 11:15:36 AM(edited)
TNF4Life posted...
@ kamikaze - How do you know Sony isn't going to improve it with Vita? It won't be 100% as reliable as Wii U's but it can still be done.

@ ohh42 - We don't know how much the Wii U will cost. It will sure be pricey. Sony can drop the price of the PS3 next year especially if they plan to reveal PS4 (which isn't necessary).

I'm not going by "what if" or any kind of speculation. I'm going by what is already known. Also, graphic tablets the size of the Wii U remote are VERY costly (around $300). You can expect the system it to cost around $450. Maybe $300 if they include a model without that controller. Because it seems that you can play the Wii U games with a Wii remote and Nun chuck as well.
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#13SolarJamPosted 6/7/2011 11:17:41 AM
Vita probably won't be able to stream Ps3 games.
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