good job nintendo

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well nintendo has done it again! Nintendo has always been the company along with sega thats ushers in the new way of gaming.

Vita and PS3 has connectivity but with the wii u and the 3DS they tell at the conference that there is connectivity! not just a streamlined way of play between portable and handheld.

for vita you see ruin played on the handheld and then played on the ps3, the new SSB is said to play on the handheld and console. this is a core 1st party game that comes from console that goes to handheld which raises intrest in handheld only users and vice versa. it merges handheld and console communites while generating new ways of play.

the screen on the controller is nice with many different ways of playing games. instead of owning a psp to be my rearview mirror in gran turismo my rear view can be the screen in my controller.

awesomeness i tell ya! the core gamer is the person who likes to play games not the FPS gamer only. and as long as 3rd party support is there for the wii u then core and casual alike will buy that system i kno i will!

what are you guys thoughts?
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