The footage used in Wii U's 3rd party software video was from PS3/360 versions

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And the tech video of the bird was an early dev kit. So Wii U's graphics could end up looking much better than PS3/360's
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or worse
why would they use PS3 and 360 videos god theyre dumb
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Well, that was rather sad...I actually thought there was hope.
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I don't see where this proof is supposedly, what exact time do I skip to?
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From: _l_l_l_l_l_l_l_ | #002
or worse
why would they use PS3 and 360 videos god theyre dumb

Aren't the games they showed not even done from PS360 yet?
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Your proof of the graphics is the Zelda clip we got.
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_l_l_l_l_l_l_l_ posted...
or worse
why would they use PS3 and 360 videos god theyre dumb

Good point. They should instead use footage of gameplay that has not even been developed yet!

2 months holding SDKs with gameplay out already? Jesus Christ companies are working fast now.
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Ok so people find out all the b****ing they're doing about the graphics are ps360 footage and now you guys are saying the Wiiu's graphics probably look worse when multiple devs have said that the Wiiu is STRONGER than the current gen systems?

Seriously? Whats wrong with you people?
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I thought that they would use those versions.
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