The footage used in Wii U's 3rd party software video was from PS3/360 versions

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This needs to be bumped - all the whiners need to see topics like this and realize that Nintendo's E3 this year is the most exciting it's been in a looooooonng time.

And there's the two round-table discussions :)
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I can't wait for the round tables
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For those not wanting to watch the whole thing skip to 4:30 that is where they talk about the footage.
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_l_l_l_l_l_l_l_ posted...
or worse
why would they use PS3 and 360 videos god theyre dumb

To show people that Wii U is capable of producing top end ps3/360 graphics before launch.
If it couldn't handle the ps3/360 version, then you may have had a point.
However, it easily handled those graphics, proving that Wii U is at least on par with ps3/360.

The native graphics and more advanced graphics later will probably overshadow those we saw today.
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Wow your right..that is offensive.
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