Xbox 360 quality + 1080p + 60fps = buy

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It's just the truth. Have some standards.


And yes, we are all aware that PCs are better in (almost) every way.
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Wait until we can confirm these AAA titles in actual 1080p versus upscaled versions.

My bet, upscaling.
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"Jesus Christ. Specs of consoles are more important than games.

The more and more technology evolves, the more stupid, arrogant and ignorant everyone is. This crap is sad, seriously"

Games are more important, definitely. But Nintendo didn't show games OR specs. And if you are releasing a HD console 7 years after the competition's HD console, people might like to know if continuing to hold out for what will almost certainly be a more expensive console will be any more powerful than the 7 year old one.

They certainly could have done fine revealing no specs at all, if they had actual footage of an actual U game that didn't involve Miis (assuming that Wii Sports stuff was even a real game. If it was, it probably would have been playable on the floor) Again, show a real game, and specs don't matter nearly as much. People will have at least a general idea of what to expect.
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Commenting on the pc :

You can hook up your laptop to an hdtv that's 200 inches (if they made one) Basically, you can hook it up to any hdtv.

You can play wii games on the pc with your wii mote

You can emulate alot of games on the pc.
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HD graphics are nice, but I'd buy it regardless if it had them or not.
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AznED posted...
The other guy wouldn't really keep up though...

Who, me?
I listed a topic asking for recommendations on a 1920x1600 monitor back in 2007. You can get much higher resolution monitors these days.
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If graphics are not important then you guys would still buy this day 1 if it looked like 3do right?
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