Wii U's power = Watson = super computer, Wii U is underestimated big time.

#1knightimexPosted 6/8/2011 6:22:08 AM
What we seen at E3 was "rushed" nothing polished graphically.

The graphics on the games shown like the ninja star throwing game looked IMO better than anything I've seen on 360.

The bird demo very well could of been a tech demo, but no one knows for sure if it's real time or not.

My money goes to the fact that it's real time.

Also another thing has me excited about the wii u's graphics.

A lot of people whine about how the games look like 360\ps3 ok fine ps3\360 ports look like ps3\360 games..........

But did you noticed some of the games not found on the ps360 looked much better?

Know what's even more exciting?


This in no way is a bad thing what this means is that as wii u's cycle matures the quality of the games will also become better and better looking.

By the time ps4\720 arrives I can almost guarantee someone will say "Hurrr ps4\720 doesn't look much better than Wii u.

aside from a some what awkward controller yet again. (tsk tsk nintendii) I think the wii u will do better than most expect.
This is how the Wii U sounds. LMAO!