Why do people keep comparing the Wii U to Sony and Microsoft?

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Who was competing against Sony back with the PS1 then?

Sega with the Sega Saturn?

Do I win?

Because I like winning.

It was definitely SEGA.


Though SEGA always did things like that back when they made consoles..

Only time I remember Nintendo doing that was for a Donkey Kong Country ad and that Star Fox 64 Promo video where SEGA and Sony tried getting info about the game by forcing it out of them by threatening a Mario Plush only to realize their consoles could not handle Star Fox 64.

Or something like that. It has been too long.
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"NES, SNES, N64, and Gamecube did nothing out of the box."

NES - Wireless controllers, Power Pad, Power Glove, Rob the Robot, Saving games to the cartridge

SNES - Star Fox and Stunt Rac FX, first console games to feature 3D polygons, Donkey Kong Country and Killer Instinct, first console games to feature renederd graphics

N64 - Analog Stick, Rumble Pack, Mario 64 first console game to feature walking around in a 3D virtual world.

Game Cube - Purple console

Nintendo has always been "out of the box". But every console has done something that was out of the box.
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im kinda amazed what nintendo has done with the Wii-U( don't really like the name though)
i think they've learned alot from the blue ocean stragety and i see they are continuing the trend. the only question know is: when are sony and microsoft comming with a new homeconsole??

because if they don't in a few years(and they probably won't in a while) nintendo will have a great advantage. alot of people (mostly people who like nintendo but did not like the wii and crossed over to the xbox or ps3 consoles(or people who are fanboys of those)) complain that some of the graphics weren't that updated compared to the other consoles ( without nintendo announcing that they used Xbox/ps3 gpu powers to show off some games) and that they rather stay with there current next-gen console.
But to me that's not the point, im very glad nintendo made this move. my last console was a gamecube and i did enjoyed it very much the only thing was so bad about the it was the lack of 3rd party titles (that we all know) . sure i like zelda, mario, pokemon but games like ninja gaiden were missing on the gamecube ( while ironically, the original NG was on a nintendo console) .

the wii gave nintendo it's spotlight back when it came to popculture, but as an gaming franchise it kinda lost it's appeal to the hardcore gamers. the DS revolutionised touch screen gaming ( in a way i also think the whole concept of touch screen has been more accepted through the DS) and also boosted the Wii sales in a way because both of them required the users movements in games. The only difference with the Wii and the DS is that the DS was well in its generation of handheld and psp just took a 2 step ahead while the Wii was a generation behind the ps3/Xbox when it came to not only graphics but also power and not alot of people could tolerate that besides being able to play there favorite franchises with the add of motion control on there ''newest'' nintendo console.
there were allot of wii owners i can tell you that, but like atleast half of them also had a PS3 or a Xbox360 standing next to it. (wich isn't really that bad, proves that there stragety has worked in a way but like i said as a stand alone real gaming machine it failed ).

and now they are comming with the wii-U and i must say i am impressed i am discovering know how much i really love nintendo.( i love sony too but i grew up with nintendo)

tablet like controllers with buttons ,HD graphics!!!! , nintendo's own franchises and more 3rd party titles as well as more m rated ones and also more power!!!!
i'm very happy. i like nintendo for there creative ideas and believe me that microsoft and especially sony are depended on nintendo in a way( if motion controll wasn't a succes then they wouldn't made the kinect and the move) and it's also putting sony on a test to really make something innovative and creative to again give gamers an differen't experience then it's competitors are doing.( i think microsoft can come with something very creative on there own if they want to but sony is ripping of nintendo since the PSX)

im also very curious how FPS games will work in combination with the tv screen and the tablets. motion control already brought us closer to really feel like your shooting
with a gun but with the tablet controllers it feels like it will bring us allot more closer(aiming, zooming) .

soo people who are complaining about graphics, should not because it will only let developers put effort into making games realistic instead of using the power to make there aesthetic style more unique and special ( something the Wii did prove even though it had lower power and lower graphics).
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with the Wii-U nintendo has brought to us an new level of gaming and with that , they have started the trend with there handheld console (again like the DS and WII) ...and that is 3Dimensions(depth). just implementing 3d possibilities like the 3ds would not be smart cause it would overshadow the 3ds's gimmick but also, not everybody has an 3dtv and unless you have a 3dtv the wii-u would just be a wii-2 with HD graphics. so how can they give there next console a gimmick similar like it's hand little brother well u saw it with the tablets. and not only do they function as a second screen they are youre eyes in the virtual world. you can move around and look in the virtual world while on tv u see it from your character's perspective. very creative.

what sony and micro only can do now is update there machines power or copy nintendo
and both will cost them and the consumer allot of money. i first was planning on buying a ps3( 1st have to buy an HDtv that's why i still don't have a current gen console) but after seeing stuff about the wii-U i will wait . i already have my 3ds so im ready for it.

in a way i hope nintendo will kick sony of the gaming wars market, i like what sony is doing but they are just ripping of nintendo but then with better technology ever since the psx and they are constantly one step ahead of them ( im not PS hater just don't like it that ever since nintendo came to them for cd based games they've been ripping nintendo off ) and now with this they are really putting the creativeness of sony computer entertainment to the test and of course Microsoft's to, but overall i just hope that all three companies will bring us fun games to play with and im especially excited about the wii-U new features of bringing us a new gaming experience .

PS: i really don't know why the shh... i always write these super long posts.
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Purchasing the same exact games for 25 years isn't really a badge of honor.

I'd refer you to the end of Zero Punctuation's Super Mario Galaxy 2 review, but Nintendo fans probably hate Yahtzee because he criticized Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
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Duckyhunter posted...
Purchasing the same exact games for 25 years isn't really a badge of honor.

I'd refer you to the end of Zero Punctuation's Super Mario Galaxy 2 review, but Nintendo fans probably hate Yahtzee because he criticized Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

You are not supposed to take his reviews seriously.
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Just because Nintendo says they are not in competion with Sony and MIcrosoft, doesn't mean they are not in competion with Sony and Microsoft. Their product is sold in the same stores and occupy the same shelves as the other two.

How can they not compete. Saying they are not competing is a marketing ploy.

Because people buy Nintendo for Mario/Zelda/Metroid and/or Wii Sports.

Different audiences.
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Duckyhunter posted...
Purchasing the same exact games for 25 years isn't really a badge of honor.

I'd refer you to the end of Zero Punctuation's Super Mario Galaxy 2 review, but Nintendo fans probably hate Yahtzee because he criticized Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

You are not supposed to take his reviews seriously.

His reviews have elements in them that are to be taken seriously. He uses a lot of hyperbole, some inappropriate metaphors, but the hearts of his complaints are legitimate problems. When he talks about hating games without color and loads of bloom, he has a legitimate complaint. When he talks about Nintendo releasing virtually the same game each generation under a fresh coat of paint, he's pretty much correct. There are some new things about Super Mario Galaxy 2, but you're doing the same thing as you did in the other 3d marios when it comes right down to it.

I'm not saying Nintendo's bad for doing this, because the formula is fun, but it IS happening. They do it a lot. Probably because they know, they'll have an army of angry families on their doorstep if they change things up much.
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