maybe fps will control using the touchscreen.

#11MC_Brian1Posted 6/10/2011 6:54:24 PM
Using the touch screen got uncomfortable after a while on the DS, but when you got decent at it, it was a DAMN good control system. With the bigger screen on the Wii U controller, it should be less uncomfortable.
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#12DarkZV2BetaPosted 6/10/2011 6:56:45 PM
MPH vets know that the touchscreen is a fantastic way to control a FPS.
Not comfortable, but accurate.
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#13The_JasterPosted 6/10/2011 7:02:05 PM
They demoed a ubisoft FPS called Killer freaks that used the gyro sensor & accelerometer to aim & turn around & it looked pretty cool.

It was on the Ubisoft roundtable which ye can see over in the ghost recon online board.
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