They need to include Wireless Lan

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5 years ago#1
4-16 screens at once? FPS heaven.
5 years ago#2
Sounds hot and sweaty.
5 years ago#3
that would be sweet!
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5 years ago#4
Sounds hot and sweaty.

Very hot and sweaty indeed. But what if you no t3h g4m3r gurlz?
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5 years ago#5
This would be great.... the same can be done with the xbox 360 but its a pain in the ass having to bring your console, controller and tv to a house. this way you would only need the wii u and the gamers could each use their controllers for the screens
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5 years ago#6
5 years ago#7
I like lan parties, in fact im having one on Friday to play Halo Reach.. It could be cool but I think I would rather everybody just bring their Wii U and have 3-4 people per Wii U per TV..
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