No More Heroes 3 needs a board

#1PedroMontanaPosted 6/22/2011 1:08:11 AM
Like, here on gf. It has been announced by Suda.
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#2senior_citizenPosted 6/22/2011 10:31:03 AM
Nice! For the Wii U?
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#3kaiserzero61Posted 6/22/2011 1:07:22 PM
Yes, I saw it on a Destructoid video.
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#4PedroMontana(Topic Creator)Posted 6/25/2011 4:17:25 AM
I can't wait for the first trailer, the trailers fot NMH 1 and 2 were great.
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#5DarK7WiZaRdPosted 6/25/2011 5:13:06 AM

"don't break my heart" lololol
#6AZN_FLiPSTAHPosted 6/25/2011 12:51:44 PM
I wonder what's the story?
I hope you can play as a new assasin 10 years later and fight travis touchdown..
Play as Henry and fight the evil criminal mafia assasins around the world.
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#7KaiRyusakiPosted 6/26/2011 10:22:11 AM
i know what the 2 circlepads will be for....
#8PedroMontana(Topic Creator)Posted 6/29/2011 9:25:21 AM
Still no board.

I guess we'll have to wait for a trailer or a press release or something.
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