EA's Peter Moore on Wii U!

#1CloudStrife630Posted 6/22/2011 5:14:16 PM

Discuss. Interesting stuff on physical media. He talks about pricing and how they might start researching it in the Spring time of next year.
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"That helped democratized gaming on top of the core."

The University of Tennessee FTW
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I hope this means we'll see Nintendo characters in EA Sports games again
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I'm just hoping he's wrong on the whole death of the physical media thing. Also, I don't see that he's really said anything that hasn't already been said about the system so far.
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Grunthor316 posted...
I'm just hoping he's wrong on the whole death of the physical media thing.

Me too. EA has been one of the worst companies when it comes to things like this. They constantly favor digital content (and thus absolute control by them) over physical. Vouchers, online pass, etc.

I am in favor of physical media and always will be because the control is in the hands of the consumer with physical media. I love to play old games. With digital content and online-heavy games, you really can't do that. But there is no reason why games have to be temporal like that, other than companies wanting control. And I'd rather have the control lol.
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